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About Us

Who we are, we—Dr Lily Wilmes and Dr Peter Maria Schuster, both of whom are physicists—have run a small self-owned enterprise founded in 1988, when in 2003, we decided to set ourselves up as independent book publishers, though operating on a modest scale: the Living Edition.

Living Edition Publishers devote to the focal points of their personal concern:

to Science and to Poetry.

Motivated by the leading example of a number of great authors and self-editors in English-language territory, like T.S. Eliot, Robert Graves, Ted Hughes, we are not timid about editing our own works.

We embarked on editing the works by Peter Maria Schuster, which meet well our two main topics of interest. He is a poet, an author and a physicist as well, and we have been making a considerable success of his books.

Since 1988, Peter Maria Schuster has been pursueing the historical working up of the Austrian natural science—focussing on the physicists Doppler, Loschmidt, Mach, Stefan, Boltzmann, Hess. In 2007, he founded the “Victor Francis Hess Society” in Styria and, in 2010, he established the “Victor Francis Hess Research and Heritage Centre” ( In 2009, he initiated the first European Centre for the History of Physics “echophysics” and organized its grand opening in 2010 ( He was the Chair of the History of Physics Section at the Austrian Physical Society OePG, from 2006 until 2015, and the Chair of the same Group at the European Physical Society EPS, from 2007 until 2017.

Member of the Austrian P.E.N.-Club since 2000;
Member of the Austrian Writers’ Union (Österreichischer Schriftstellerverband) since 2014;
Member of the Academia Europaea since 2009.