The Publishing House

Founded in 1988 in Vienna as an independent trading company for scientific accessories as STARNA Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, the company decided in 2003 to supplement this with a small, independent publishing house, Living Edition, as a living bridge between

Knowledge and Literature.

Living Edition started with the author Peter Maria Schuster, because he covers both topics well. He is a poet, writer and physicist, and the publishing house is very successful with his works.

Our authors are:
Guido Conti, Eric Finch, Michael Grodzicki, Gerald Knobloch, Sara M. McMurry, Eoin P. O’Neill, Rudolf Rozanek, Elisabeth Schawerda, Peter Maria Schuster, Karl Thir, Denis Weaire and others.

The building of bridges has since proved to be fertile ground, in a time that demands that a literary creation perceive the findings of our sciences, the pleasant ones, but also the painful ones.

Since 2008, our books have been designed by Arthur G.P. Schuster.

The Luxembourger Dr. Lilli Wilmes is in charge of the business.