Living Edition

STARNA Ges.m.b.H.


Peter M. Schuster

Weltbewegend – unbekannt

Leben und Werk des Physikers Christian Doppler und die Welt danach

ISBN 978–3-901585–03-6 (ISBN-10: 3-901585-03-6)

Living Edition, Sept. 2003: 200 pages; 207 illustrations, of which 13 coloured; 241×176 mm; 770 g; cellophaned hardcover, fine linen finishing, sewed binding; designed, typeset and printed in Vienna, Austria, by arrangement with: TechnoGraphic Wien

German edition
€ 33,30 (Austria and retail/int’l)
€ 30,27 (net price)
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This is the German original to the English translation ‘Moving the Stars—Christian Doppler, His Life, His Works and Principle, and the World After’ (ISBN 978–3–901585–05–0).

For more details on the original, please refer to the German pages of this site, sub Geschichte der Physik.