(The Creation Week)

The Living Edition publishers are editing under the unifying title The Creation Week an epical lyrics series that will collect a set of six books in a common format, which render the monographs on each one of six outstanding physicists from the Austrian Empire or Danubian Monarchy, i.e., from the early 19th until the early 20th century. Subtitled Day One until Day Six, each volume is composed as an epic poem in homage to the scientists: Christian Doppler, Joseph Loschmidt, Josef Stefan, Ludwig Boltzmann, Ernst Mach, Friedrich Hasenöhrl, thus reporting on the essentials of their achievements. The series The Creation Week reveals the lone struggling of these great minds against the many adversities in their time to set up to the fundamental laws of natural science their formulae, which contributed to leading on to Modern Physics.

The author and physicist Peter Maria Schuster, who says about himself to be ‘a poet strayed into physics’, has undertaken this literary exploration of physicists who acted during the late Habsburg Monarchy. He traces with empathy and historical accuracy the lives and the geniuses, which guided these scientists to their revolutionary discoveries.

Each book comes enriched with art illustrations by the artist Helmut Krumpel.

The first three volumes of the series—on Doppler, on Loschmidt and on Stefan—are available by now, please refer to the corresponding titles as listed below.

Dem Christian Doppler zur Huldigung

Peter Maria Schuster

Dem Christian Doppler zur Huldigung

Schöpfungswoche – Tag eins

(Homage to Christian Doppler
Creation Week—Day One)

Schöpfungswoche – Tag zwei

Peter M. Schuster

Schöpfungswoche – Tag zwei

Joseph Loschmidt zur Huldigung

(The Creation Week—Day Two
In Homage to Joseph Loschmidt)

Schöpfungswoche – Tag drei

Peter Maria Schuster

Schöpfungswoche – Tag drei

Josef Stefan zur Huldigung

(The Creation Week—Day Three
In Homage to Josef Stefan)