Peter Maria Schuster (Editor)

the roots of physics in Europe

Proceedings of the first joint European symposium on the History of Physics held under the auspices of the first European Centre for the History of Physics: ECHOPHYSICS, at Pöllau Castle, Styria/Austria, May 28 – 29, 2010

ISBN 978-3-901585-22-7 (softcover; English)

first edition, Feb. 4, 2013; 400 pages; 255 Fig. (of which 120 in color); 219×158 mm (H×W); 740 g;

€ 20.00 (fixed selling price, Austria, incl. 10% VAT)

Contributions by: BESSER, Bruno P. (AT); BLONDEL, Christine (FR); BREISKY, Bill (USA); DAVIS, Edward A. (UK); DENOTH, Armin (AT); DRAXLER, Sonja (AT); FAUSTMANN, Cornelia (AT); FORD, Peter (UK); GRANDIN, Karl (SE); HOLMBERG, Peter (FI); JÄGER, Helmut (AT); JURDANA-SEPIC, Rajka (HR); KAMISHEVA, Ganka (BG); KIVILSIENE, Rasa (LT); KLUZA, Maciej (PL); KRAGH, Helge (DK); KREHL, Peter (DE); KRENN, Heinz (AT); KUTSCHERA, Walter (AT); LIPPITSCH, Max E. (AT); PERUZZI, Giulio (IT); PICHLER, Franz (AT); ROSSEL, Christophe (CH); SALCHER, Günther (AT); SCHUSTER, Peter Maria (AT); SEBESTA, Juraj (SK); SOUKUP, Rudolf W. (AT); STROHMAIER, Brigitte (AT); TALAS, Sofia (IT); THIM, Hartwig (AT); VLAHAKIS, George (GR); WEAIRE, Denis (IE).